On 23.09 we planned Grand Opening Argos World next edition! 
Actually server is running with TEST MODE. All character/accounts from HALBION world available!

Complete client from download page available just now!
19.09 - Register open + available Credits to buy with 100% bonus (bonus ends 24.09)
23.09 - Server starts on 19:00 (UTC+1) 
24.09 - VIP accounts starts
25.09 - Webshop available with basic items exc +9+28+L+2 opt exc maximum
09.10 - First Castle Siege

♢ New REFERRAL SYSTEM - now You can invite Your friends and get bonus! more: https://help.muworld.eu/referral.php
♢ Exchange ONLINE TIME - now You can exchange Your online time to Credits on the website!
♢ HELP.MUWORLD.EU - updated site
Changed base experience (to dynamic) - more https://help.muworld.eu/argos.php
♢ Changed Reset System (deleted Grand Reset System & 1500 pts per each reset)
♢ Added Rewards to Custom Rangs (WcoinC)
♢ New separated server VIP
♢ Changed Lucky Wheel rewards (only 1 Legendary feather / Deleted Credit Coin)
♢ Disabled exchange Credits to WcoinC on the website
♢ Added much Custom Skins for WcoinC in game (Custom Skin = only 100 WCoinC!)
♢ Added Auctions in game (5x Legendary Feather per every 2 hour, minimum 10 WcoinC - only PVP server)
♢ /pkclear command changed cost to 30kk
♢ /readd command changed cost to 50kk
♢ Fixed some bad quests in custom quest system
♢ Changed max 3 accounts per IP/PC to 5 accounts
♢ Fixed Custom Start Pet Box - some players didn't get Pet box
♢ PVP: Increase Combo formula from BK / little other changes

How to get reward for the previous edition?

Just write PM to admin on Discord / FB Fanpage with following information:
- Name from TOP30
- Account name in previous edition
- Account name in current edition

Credits will be added up to 24 hours


Posted 06 / 10 / 2022 By ManiacADM

Currently this is only one server.