Some monsters statistics changed


Due to numerous requests to adjust other maps to AIDA2, we have made changes to the statistics of monsters on individual maps.
From now on, it will be possible to earn EXP on some maps due to the lowering of the stats of some reps. Most of the more demanding maps remained unchanged
and getting there will still require getting higher GRs, but due to some blocking of the game on AIDA2, we have worked on the topic and in a sense we are unlocking
several maps at your request. Some maps are more demanding and give less or the same EXP as AIDA2 - however, you should pay attention to the fact that there are more monsters on the spots there.

The changes are as follows:

1. Weakened maps and adjusted to the LVL of mobs in AIDA2 (i.e. a mob with the same LVL on a different map as in AIDA2 will have the same stats def, dmg etc.)
- Tarkan2
- Icarus
- Swamp of Calmess (mobs with LVL lower than or equal to AIDA2) *
- Kanturu 1-3 (mobs with LVL lower or the same as AIDA2) *
- Vulcanus (mobs with LVL lower than or equal to AIDA2) *
* monsters with higher LVL like AIDA2 stats unchanged

2. Weakened monsters, but stronger than AIDA2 with similar lvl mobs with increased number of mobs on the spot (6)
- Karutan 1
- Karutan 2

3. Heavy maps available in later GAMES (statistics have not been changed)
- Kanturu Relics
- Acheron
- Nixie Lake
- Deventer
- Swamp of calmess (heavier mobs)
- Kanturu 3 (heavier mobs)
- LaClen (all mobs unchanged)
- Vulcanus (heavier mobs)

Posted 01 / 10 / 2021 By ManiacADM

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