# Changelog 1 - 18.08.2021

Below we present what changes have been made since the start of the server:

~ Magic Island - Weaker monsters have been changed to stronger monsters
~ Blood Castle - allow PK changed to Non PK , added Buff in safe zone allow
~ Lucky Coins Transform to Purple Chaos Box fixed. Before 255, now 100 LC
~ Fixed Items with wrong item lvl (f.e. stones like "Jewel of Bless +1"). Now all items should show up at level 0. Sorry to not reply to private messages. I tried to use every moment to remove errors that you report
~ Fixed Pets options. The option that appears is the option that the pet gives
~ Fixed Gift system. Now You can send gifts. But before PLEASE UPDATE CLIENT USIGN LAUNCHER !
~ On Sub2 there are events such as BC, CC, DS and only invasion of golden mobs. Other invasions available only on SUB1! Sorry for the confusion
~ Fixed Battle Royal Event . Drops items (arrows too) . Reward for winning changed = 10 WcoinC (only WC, items impossible)

Posted 18 / 08 / 2021 By ManiacADM

Currently this is only one server.