On 28.01 we planned Grand Opening Argos World next edition! 

17.01 - Complete client from download page available
26.01 - Register open + available Credits to buy with 100% bonus (bonus ends 30.01)
28.01 - Server starts on 19:00 (UTC+1) 
30.01 - VIP accounts starts & Exchange Credits to WcoinC with course 4:1
31.01 - Webshop available with basic items exc +9+28+L+2 opt exc maximum
13.02 - First Castle Siege

Wings upgrade (4,5,6 lvl) system changed some requires (http://help.muworld.eu/wings.php)
Points per Grand Reset increased to 6000 points (reset still 500 points)
Fixed PVP in Castle Siege server / Gens Maps Vulcanus - same like in PVP server
Strongest all bosses 
Jewel of Life chance fixed percentage chance - 70% without VIP
Fixed Custom Quests Required (monsters / items)
Changed Webshop in Argos server (available only exc items +9+28+L+2 exc option all time - without stages) 
Added guild flag "TWIERDZA" after last winning edition
Maximum value of Damage Reduction Rate = 70%
Blood Castle 7 - archangel fixed

How to get reward for the previous edition?
Just write PM to admin on Discord / FB Fanpage with following information:
- Name from TOP30
- Account name in previous edition
- Account name in current edition
Credits will be added up to 24 hours

Posted 26 / 01 / 2022 By ManiacADM

Currently this is only one server.