[06.11.2021 - 07.11.2021] Weekend Event + New Drop Goden Cherry Blossom

Hello players!

From 06/11/2021 to 07/11/2021 we've WEEKEND EVENT for You!

- Experience +20% 
- Credits Bonus (Donate) +100%

And we've New Drop System with bigger drop rates for this weekend!
 Golden Cherry Blossom Mix 
Just collect 255 pieces and go to Cherry Blossom Spirit in Noria and mix to get extra item!

From 255 Golden Cherry Blossom we can get:

50% - Jewel of Excellent (All tier)
37.5% - Jewel of Wings (All tier)
5% - Jewel of FO

Golden Cherry Blossom falls in Tarkan and Acheron.
This option is intended for players who are unable to kill the bosses that drop the jewels above. 255 Cherry Blossom can be collected and one of the stones above can also be obtained!

Info about where drops: http://help.muworld.eu/items.php
Info about what drops: http://help.muworld.eu/box.php

Posted 06 / 11 / 2021 By ManiacADM

Currently this is only one server.