Dear players. Due to the need to improve the game on the server, we are forced to suspend the current edition until further notice. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate everything and these 2 weeks have verified us. After removing the bugs, appropriate pvp balance, everyone will have the opportunity to check the changes made. additionally, we would like to inform you that people who donated from the start of the server will receive compensation in the form of the same number of credits at the start of the edition after the changes are made. We apologize for current errors and omissions. at the same time, we inform you that the accounts are not deleted and you can continue to play. however, there will be frequent changes, reconnections and a focus on account reset. see you soon!

For people who will stay with us and take a place in TOP15 before the restart of the edition, we expect the following prizes:

Top 1 - Top 5: 5000 CRD
Top 6 - Top 10: 3000 CRD
Top 11 - Top 15: 1500 CRD

31 08/2021

Below we present what changes have been made since the start of the server:

~ Magic Island - Weaker monsters have been changed to stronger monsters
~ Blood Castle - allow PK changed to Non PK , added Buff in safe zone allow
~ Lucky Coins Transform to Purple Chaos Box fixed. Before 255, now 100 LC
~ Fixed Items with wrong item lvl (f.e. stones like "Jewel of Bless +1"). Now all items should show up at level 0. Sorry to not reply to private messages. I tried to use every moment to remove errors that you report
~ Fixed Pets options. The option that appears is the option that the pet gives
~ Fixed Gift system. Now You can send gifts. But before PLEASE UPDATE CLIENT USIGN LAUNCHER !
~ On Sub2 there are events such as BC, CC, DS and only invasion of golden mobs. Other invasions available only on SUB1! Sorry for the confusion
~ Fixed Battle Royal Event . Drops items (arrows too) . Reward for winning changed = 10 WcoinC (only WC, items impossible)

18 08/2021

Hi! We invite you to open the world of ARGOS on the MuWorld server network.


The start of the server looks like this:

- Beta tests until 01/08/2021 - DELETION OF ALL ACCOUNTS FROM SERVER
- 02/08/2021 - start of paid advertising campaigns for the server
- 09/08/2021 - registration opens and the possibility of making subsidies (purchase of credits) with a 100% bonus
- 13/08/2021 - START SERVER and the ability to purchase a VIP account
- 13/08/2021 - 15/08/2021 - FREE PET BOX FOR EACH CHARACTER
- 16/08/2021 - opening of the Webshop

09 08/2021
Currently this is only one server.