Welcome. There may be problems accessing the server today (06.10.2021) from 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM. We need to reduce the files created since the server was started, as well as restart the entire server to avoid situations like today, where the application load was too heavy.

06 10/2021


Due to numerous requests to adjust other maps to AIDA2, we have made changes to the statistics of monsters on individual maps.
From now on, it will be possible to earn EXP on some maps due to the lowering of the stats of some reps. Most of the more demanding maps remained unchanged
and getting there will still require getting higher GRs, but due to some blocking of the game on AIDA2, we have worked on the topic and in a sense we are unlocking
several maps at your request. Some maps are more demanding and give less or the same EXP as AIDA2 - however, you should pay attention to the fact that there are more monsters on the spots there.

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01 10/2021

This weekend we are introducing an EVENTS that includes:
- base EXP increase by 20% (pvp + nonpvp too)
- extra 50% CREDITS for every purchase on the site!

The event runs until Sunday (03/10), 08:00 PM from the moment of publishing this news!

In addition, we would like to inform you that some interesting functions have been launched on the server side, so that you can visit it more often!

And this is how we present additional functions / events:
- Vote Toplists - http://help.muworld.eu/vote.php
- Facebook Event - http://help.muworld.eu/facebook.php
- Discord Event - http://help.muworld.eu/discord.php
- Spin Your Credits (Guide: http://help.muworld.eu/spin.php)
Link: https://argos.muworld.eu/slots

Changed Custom Events:
- 8 WcoinC in DEVIAS - http://help.muworld.eu/8coin.php
- Gift Box Drop Event in Elveland - http://help.muworld.eu/gift.php

Changed Change Class Website Module
- Added max limit change - 4GR 0RR

01 10/2021


Big change! We divide the main server into PVP and NonPVP servers

The main PVP server will have all the PVP maps, and the NonPVP server will be completely blocked from killing players (only rings),

Tomorrow at 12:00 PM (UTC + 1) the PVP server will be reset (it will take a few seconds, you will not be logged out of the game) and then the PVP settings will be loaded on ALL MAPS! Keep this in mind as your character may be killed by another player!

The NonPVP server is now available and can be accessed!


more information in the news details!

27 09/2021


Today we finished the game on the ARGOS server.
There will be a changelog overnight with changes that have already been made.

The plan is as follows:

* accounts stay on the server
* 13.09 to 18.09 - official testing by players + possible SMALL fixes / changes (500 points per lvl) - on updated settings + with characters that you already own
* 19.09 - RESET of all characters / items etc on accounts (clean accounts are left)
* 20.09 - The same amount of CRD as you purchased will be transferred to accounts from TOP15 and those that have made a subsidy!
* 21.09 to 23.09 - introducing any corrections, start of the subsidy
* 24.09 (07:00 PM, UTC + 1) - START SERVER,
* 25.09 (07:00 PM, UTC + 1) - VIP purchase available
* 27.09 (07:00 PM, UTC + 1) - Webshop START
* 10.10 - FIRST CS

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See you later!

22 09/2021
Currently this is only one server.